Artikel in Tagungsbänden
  • D. Deumlich, D. Niessner: RADOLAN - a radar-based tool for the retrospective analysis of extreme erosion events. in: 2nd International Soil Modeling Consortium Conference: New Perspectives on Soil Models. book of abstracts, Wageningen University (Niederlande), 05. - 07. November 2018. 58 (>)
  • T. Ulbrich, M. Möller, S. Krengel, B. Golla, J. Strassemeyer, D. Deumlich, D. Niessner, R. Lessing, Th. Volk, C. Frühauf, J. Kellner, M. Morgenstern, D. Schmidt, J.-H. Wiebusch & J. Hilbers (2018): EMRA: A Decision Support System for Monitoring, Warning and Risk Assessment of Weather Extremes for Agriculture. in: Book of abstracts of the International Conference on Natural Hazards and Risks in a Changing
    World. 31-32 (->)
Artikel in wissenschaftlichen Zeitschriften
  • Möller, M., Doms, J., Gerstmann, H. & Feike, T. (2019): A framework for standardized calculation of weather indices in Germany. Theoretical and Applied Climatology 136 (1-2), 377-390 (->)
  • Gerstmann, H., Gläßer, C., Thürkow, D., Möller, M. (2018): Detection of Phenology-Defined data acquisition time frames for crop type mapping. PFG - Journal of Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Geoinformation Science 86 (1), 15-27 (->)
  • Möller, M., Gerstmann, H., Gao, F., Dahms, T. C., Förster, M. (2017): Coupling of phenological information and simulated vegetation index time series: Limitations and potentials for the assessment and monitoring of soil erosion risk. CATENA 150, 192-205 (->)
  • Gerstmann, H., Doktor, D., Gläßer, C., Möller, M. (2016): PHASE: A geostatistical model for the Kriging-based spatial prediction of crop phenology using public phenological and climatological observations. Computers and Electronics in Agriculture 127, 726-738 (->)
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